About Me

I'm a Penn State 2015 graduate in computer engineering.

Developer and designer, program manager and lab researcher. Front-end or back-end, objective-c or binary.
My current interests are in Virtual Reality, App Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Text Data Mining, and anything start-up related.

Academic Research

Virtual Reality

VR Educational Environment

Summary: Built a virtual reality environment where students can collaborate to engineer an object together in real-time through the Oculus Rift. Built a Jenga mini-game. Wrote a paper on knowledge dissemination through virtual reality.
Date: 2015
Languages: C#, JavaScript, Unity3D environment
Co-Authors: Gabe Harms, Steven Sellers and Owen Shartle, Conrad S. Tucker (Lab Owner)
Highlights: Results were that students performed better in an immersive environment than non-immersive. Presented at ASME IDETC & CIE 2015 Conference in Boston and 2015 TLT Conference at State College. Started Penn State Virtual Reality Club.
Link: Article

Sentiment Analysis Paper

Sentiment Analysis in MOOCs

Summary: Mined textual data from a massive open online course (MOOC) and quantified students' sentiment in relation to their course performance.
Date: 2013
Languages: Java, SQL
Co-Authors: Conrad S. Tucker (Lab Owner), Anna Divinsky (MOOC course teacher)
Highlights: Results were that students polarized with strong +/- sentiment performed better than students with more neutral sentiment. Presented at ASME IDETC & CIE 2014 Conference.
Link: Paper

Ecomarathon car

Shell Eco-marathon Car

Summary: Part of a team of 18 that built a 100% battery-electric car and competed in the 2015 Shell Eco-marathon race in Detroit.
Date: 2015
Highlights: Tied for 1st in Urban-Concept design, 8th place in Prototype design
EE Design: pdf

Traffic Simulation

Traffic Sim

Summary: Traffic Simulation built for data analytics on traffic flow with varied traffic light patterns, built for mobile sensory lab research at penn state.
Date: 2014-2015
Languages: Java
Link: Github

Tone Generator

Mobile Sensory Tone Listening App

Summary: iOS sound recording sonar tone app, built for mobile sensory lab research at penn state.
Date: 2015
Languages: Objective-C
Link: Github


Brain Game

Brayn Game

Summary: App to engage player's brain through competitive multiplayer mini-games.
Date: 2014
Languages: Objective-C
Highlights: 4 Difficulty settings for 5 different home-made games, game center integrated.
Game Pic Game Pic Game Pic Game Pic
Link: Download at the app store soon!


Pentominoes Game

Summary: Fun iOS game where you have to solve different puzzles by placing your pieces inside the shaded areas only.
Date: 2014
Languages: Objective-C
Link: Github

Pacman Rain

Pacman Rain Game

Summary: iOS game where you control pacman from your device's gyroscope and try to eat fruit and dodge falling ghosts.
Date: 2014
Languages: Objective-C
Link: Github



Summary: iOS picture portfolio, image manipulation, uploading, etc.
Date: 2014
Languages: Objective-C
Link: Github

Machine Learning Projects

Prediction Center

Prediction Center

Summary: Website that predicts where the next data center will go.
Date: Summer 2014
Languages: Azure Machine Learning and Node.JS
Teammates: Doug Jordan, Jacob Wallraff, Caleb Young, Tim Crawford
Highlights: Won Azurathon 2014 Hackathon, used brand-new Azure ML, pitched idea to Microsoft CEO
Links: Site Pitch Video

Prediction Addiction

Prediction Addiction - Loan Defaults

Summary: ML algorithm to predict credit loan defaults.
Date: Spring 2014
Languages: Python
Teammates: Ben Lengerich, Matt Rozak
Highlights: Advanced feature engineering, gradient boosting regression model, top 1/3rd in kaggle leaderboard
Link: Github